EduKid Projects

Our three schools support children in two different locations in the devleoping world: Uganda, Africa and Cambodia, Asia.

We give this support through Edukid, a local but international charity which works with school staff to raise awareness of poverty (both economic and educational) in each location and an understanding of some of the aspects of local culture.

The School Councils across the Partnership work hard through the year to organise fundraising events to sponsor two children, one in each country, and this in turn enables those children to access school with all the equipment they need.



Our children sponsor a girl in the Camodian village of Sen Sok. She is called Cheng. She is around 8 years old.

More information about Cheng will be published here soon.


Our children also sponsor a child in Uganda but at the moment, our sponsorship arrangements are changing. We'll update this page soon with details of our sponsored child.